HostGator vs Wix Comparison – Who is the Best Host in 2022?

hostgator vs wix

HostGator vs Wix – At a Glance

In our HostGator vs Wix comparison, we will help you figure out which of these two powerhouse hosting providers are the best for the average small business web hosting customer. Like our other reviews, we will look at features, cost and benefits in a quick overview of each hosting provider, followed by a more detailed review of the services each hosting provider.

The thing about this review, is that when comparing HostGator vs Wix, you are not comparing a hosting companies. You are actually comparing a hosting company and a proprietary website builder that requires you to use their own hosting.

hostgator chat - cannot move wix to another hostThe reason I make this statement is, because the code provided by Wix for your website will not/cannot transfer to another hosting company. Quite simply this means that you will need Wix hosting to keep your site once developed on Wix. Obviously, this can be an issue should you not be happy with Wix or want to grow beyond the capabilities of hosting with Wix.

When you host with HostGator, if you do not like them for one reason or another, you can simply take your domain and site and move to another hosting provider. With Wix, this is not possible, which is a problem. So once you have your site built, you are stuck no matter what until you are ready have another site developed and hosted with another company.

This can be verified by the chat session with HostGator asking if I can move my site from Wix to HostGator. The chat rep explains that because Wix is a proprietary website builder, the site cannot be moved.

Which honestly seems like the Wix business plan anyways. Think about the amount of recurring revenue on a monthly basis if you sell a product businesses need and make it extremely difficult to go if they are not happy with your service. Yes you can leave, but you have to start over with another site being developed whether you wanted or needed to.

However, just like the rest of the site, we will take a look at the features, prices and benefits of each hosting provider and let you make the ultimate decision.

HostGator vs Wix – The Details

So as mentioned above, once you are set up with Wix, you are stuck unless you want to completely start over with another webhosting provider such as BlueHost or NameCheap. Which is possible, but could be expensive if you don’t feel comfortable designing your own site and a pain to deal with no matter what. This is just not a good way to do business (in my opinion at least).

HostGator Hatchling Plan Details
Host a single website or blog
Un-metered disk space
Un-metered bandwidth
Unlimited email accounts
Free Domain Name (1st Year)
Free SSL
Free website builders
One click WordPress Install
$150 Google Ad credits
$100 Bing Ad credits
99.9% uptime guarantee
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
and much more.
Total Cost $47.40 per year ($3.95/mo x 12 prepaid)

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Wix Combo Plan Details
Host a single website or blog
2 Gb disk space
Un-metered bandwidth
0 email accounts – Must purchase Google Workspace plan
Free Domain Name (1st Year)
Free SSL
Free Nightly Backup
Free CDN
Free drag and drop website builder
No ads
99.9% uptime guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
and much more.
Total Cost $192 per year ($16/mo x 12 prepaid)

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HostGator – Pros & Cons

Pros – Lets take a look at the pro’s of hosting with HostGator over hosting with Wix.

  • Affordable pricing
  • Free domain renewal starting at $9.99/yr
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • $250 free ad credits
  • Good customer service

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Cons – This is where I would list some cons of choosing HostGator over Wix, but in all honesty I cannot find any cons over choosing HostGator.

Wix – Pros & Cons

Pros – Lets take a look at the pros of hosting with Wix instead of HostGator.

  • Easy to use website builder
  • Good customer service

Cons – Lets take a look at the cons of choosing Wix instead of HostGator.

  • $16/mo is 4x more than HostGator monthly cost
  • Very limited disk space
  • No email accounts, must pay for 3rd party email
  • 14 day money back guarantee
  • Cannot move your site once it is built
  • Free domain renewal starting at $14.95/yr

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HostGator is the Clear Winner

Normally, we would do a more detailed break down of each hosting provider. However, we feel that when you compare the pricing, features, etc mentioned above; HostGator is the clear winner.

Lets take a look at pricing alone, HostGator is the clear winner at a price point of 4 times lower than Wix. When you take a look at the features, HostGator is the clear winner with unlimited email accounts (Wix has 0), unlimited disk space as well as the free Ad credits (have to spend $22/per month to get free ad vouchers) and the inability to move your site should you not be happy with Wix over performance or cost or just wanting to grow beyond their ability.

In my humble opinion, it is clear in our HostGator vs Wix comparison that HostGator is obviously the best hosting option.

Like I mentioned above, it seems like their business plan is to get you in an expensive hosting plan that is several times more expensive knowing that you will not want to or more honestly cannot leave once you have everything set up due to the fact they know it will be a pain to move to another host.

The last thing I want to mention here is that when it comes to SEO, you will fare better with HostGator. While it can be done, SEO for Wix is more difficult to effectively change some of the technical SEO settings. You can read more about SEO and Wix here. (link will open in a new window / tab). Quite simply, Wix is not good for SEO.

Yes, you will have a nice looking site by using their online site builder, but what is the point if no one can find it. Do yourself a favor and go with HostGator. (link will open in a new tab)

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